Jason is a third generation Angelino with deep ties to the history of Los Angeles real estate. Jason’s grandfather was an architect in the early development of Los Angeles and designed some of the city’s first luxury homes in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. His clients were film stars and power players of the golden era. Throughout his life, Jason has carried on his grandfather’s love of architecture and real estate history bringing that expertise to buyers and sellers in the luxury residential market. His career in home building and sales allowed him to develop connections with elite clientele. He is a serious student of regional economics and investment opportunities guiding investors in the purchase of single family homes and income property. Buyers and sellers have come to rely on Jason’s negotiating skills and experience to secure deals and provide a smooth transaction. A passion for the beauty, culture, and architecture of the Westside, coupled with years of experience in the area’s housing market, give him a distinct edge over the competition. In the city’s complex market, he knows the right place for families, international investors, professionals or long-term homeowners looking to downsize. Jason Sturman is rooted in the city’s history and has a talent for helping others to realize their own dreams.