Michael Martin is a globally-respected Real Estate Advisor. He has provided over 30 years of experience to his network of Brokers, Local and International Designers, and Investors Worldwide- creating his path to success. By strategically co-marketing throughout his career, Michael has created a winning formula of collaboration and cooperation. Michael truly understands the value of these collaborations, and his skill in recognizing the value of these relationships help Michael craft his successful sales. Raised in the Midwest, in the heart of America's farming community, has provided Michael insight about the value of neighbors and community. Valuing travel, Michael has extensive knowledge and appreciation of varied cultures, and caters his business accordingly. Michael's charisma and connectivity are on display in his natural love of dogs. He knows the value a dog can bring to a family, and to the human experience- he is always alert to the needs of his clients. Aligning with thoughts of Infinite Love and possibilities of abundance provides Michael the ability to promote his charisma and creativity.